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Member Listserv

Paulding Board of REALTORS® Member Listserv

This Listserv allows members to communicate effectively through one email address. This can be used to communicate your listings, open house announcements or Association-related activities.

The Listserv works in the following way:

  • Any member, who is active and paid with the Association, has access to create a message and send it to the listserv: announcements@pauldingrealtors.com. You may create any type of email, including html (graphic) messages, and use any formatting you choose. You may also include attachments. The total size of the email may not exceed 3 Mb.
  • Once the message is sent to the address, it will automatically be routed to every member of the Association. (If we do not have an email address on file for a member, they will not be included.)
  • In order to work accurately, you will need to make sure you are sending an email from the same email address you have on file with the Association.

If you have questions, concerns or wish to unsubscribe, please contact Tripp Cook, Communications Director, at 404.732.0651.