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Member Communications

ATTENTION: Are you receiving our communications?

Our volunteer members work very hard each year to plan events and educational opportunities and to increase Board benefits to ensure your membership is worth every dollar!

Unfortunately, you may not be aware of these benefits if you are not receiving our communications.

We communicate to members through a variety of channels:

We contact members each month via email regarding Board events, educational opportunities and membership information. Some of the information we distribute via email is critical to membership, such as High Achievers and Membership Renewal information.

Please be assured that we do not sell or provide a membership email distribution list to anyone.

Steps you can take to assure properly Member Communications delivery:

  • Please add the Paulding County Board of REALTORS® to your safe senders list: communications@PauldingREALTORS.com.
  • You can check to make sure we have the correct email address on file, by visiting our Member Profile page.
  • If you’re email address is correct, but you are not receiving our emails and wish to do so, please either submit a Communications Verification Request or contact us.

If you suspect that your company email server is blocking our messages, please provide the Whitelist Information below to your Email Administrator.

IP Information for Whitelisting

We use ClickDimensions to deliver our email communications and their mail server info is provided below. Any outgoing message sent from ClickDimensions will be generated by one of these servers, so if you can configure your filters to permit this mail, then all messages should be received, no matter what email address is used. ClickDimensions may add or remove IP’s within the larger range periodically, but will not likely go outside of this range in the foreseeable future.

Whitelisting by single IP address: (or email.clickdimensions.com for simplicity’s sake!)

We also utilize 2 additional forms of email communication that may be blocked:

Our Listservs (including announcements, brokers, committees, etc.) are sent from Messages automatically sent from the Members Only portion of our website (i.e. password reset, meeting/education confirmations, etc.) are sent from IP addresses: